Banking Industries

Banks and Financial institutions are facing numerous challenges – the economic environment, stiff competition, regulatory pressures and increased consolidation. Banks are shifting their focus to continuously introduce new products and services to stay ahead of the competition with a strong emphasis on customer acquisition and retention, to keep growing while remaining profitable.

Services for Retail Banking

IBN offers a wide range of back-office services for the Retail Banking industry. We started offering Retail Banking services in 2008, and currently about 20% of our Banking business is focused on the Retail Banking area.

IBN has been a key service provider of bankcard transactions for the third largest U.S. Merchant Transaction Acquirer, handling over 200,000 disputes and adjustments since 2008.

IBN’s Retail Banking Center of Excellence covers account acquisition, processing and account servicing functions for the numerous products offered by retail banks. Our services includes:

  • Customer Service
  • Account Maintenance
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Fraud/ Risk Management
  • Document Management
Products Supported in Retail Banking


We support branch banking, core banking, online banking and customer support functions. Services offered include account maintenance, account reconciliations document retrieval, exception and returns processing and centralized customer service support for a variety of personal accounts offered by banks

  • Checking accounts that may be serviced: basic, interest checking, joint checking, lifeline, student/ senior account, etc. and value-add accounts like money market accounts, sweep accounts
  • Savings accounts: basic and high yield (money market) including certificate of deposit, other specialized accounts like IRA, Roth IRA, automatic transfer plans.

Checks and Electronic Banking

    • Payables processing support, including account reconciliation, exception processing for both checks and electronic payments. Payables include direct deposit of employee paychecks, debit and credit card transactions
    • Receivables (cash, checks, and electronic receipts) processing, including processing of payments, transaction processing, exception processing, item processing, and reconciliation of accounts.


Our capabilities include supporting issuers, acquirers, payment solution providers and third party credit services providers in customer acquisition, servicing, core processing and back-office and settlement functions

Some other functions that are handled are card returns, account maintenance, change in terms and fees, chargeback, authorization hold, statement retrieval. Specific credit card transactions could include: authorization, batching, clearing and settlement

There is a variety of cards that banks and other financial institutions issue:

    • Debit and ATM cards, Bank cards – Online/ signature debit, prepaid debit/ gift cards, reward cards, flexible spending accounts (fsa), health reimbursement accounts (hra), and health savings accounts (hsa) linked cards
    • Credit and Charge Cards – Visa®, Mastercard®, Discover®, etc. and co-branded cards, store cards, reward/ cash-back cards, student credit cards and secured credit cards.

Investment Advisory

Account opening, account maintenance, document management, annuity maintenance and life insurance management for the personal investment advisory functions like

  • Wealth management
  • Private banking
  • Trust services
  • Wealth planning

Commercial Banking

We started offering commercial banking services to our first banking client in 2006, and this relationship still exists. Commercial banking services account for approximately 30% of our Banking business.

  • Account Maintenance
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Exceptions & Adjustments Processing
  • Document Management
  • Customer Service
  • Underwriting Support for Loans
  • Current and Savings Accounts
  • Merchant Services
  • Cash Management/ Receivables & Payables
  • Loans and Lines of Cred
  • Employee Benefit
  • Capital Markets
  • International Services


IBN Our capabilities include account setup and maintenance, account reconciliations, exceptions and adjustments processing and customer servicing for a variety of business accounts offered by banks

  • Current/ checking/ savings and money market accounts – including cash transactions, checks, money order, direct deposit, funds transfer and standing orders, as well as ATM card/ debit card transactions and overdraft related activities.


Receivables may be in the form of cash, checks, and electronic receipts. Assistance with processing of payments, transaction processing, exception processing, item processing, reconciliation of accounts and in customer service functions

  • Check Collections – (Wholesale and Retail Lockbox) including exception processing and account reconciliation. Support of collections using intelligent character recognition (ICR), optical character recognition (OCR), and courtesy amount read (CAR)
  • ACH Collections – processing of payment receipts, recurring payments and electronic funds transfers
  • Vault/ Cash Collection – for deposits, support of Automated Clearing House (ACH), Back Office Conversion (BOC) entries
  • Merchant Card Processing – including credit cards, pin debit cards, business, corporate, purchasing cards as well as check authorization, gift cards, loyalty cards, internet/ web payments and other electronic purchasing cards or forms of payment
  • Remote Deposit transaction


Assistance and support in payables processing, including account reconciliation, exception processing and process reengineering. Payables include ACH Payables like recurring deposits (direct deposit of employee paychecks), preauthorized collections, business to business payments, preauthorized debits and credits, controlled disbursements, Positive Pay transactions, tax payment services, healthcare payables, multi card transactions and wire transfers

Customized services linked to account reconcilement, cash concentration, balance reporting, zero balance accounting, etc.

Loans & Lines of Credit

We offer a wide range of services including mortgage document indexing, collateral management services, imaging, maintenance of participation/ syndication loans, due diligence/ document preparation of commercial loans, funding/ boarding support services, floor plan financing services, post closing services, portfolio servicing, customer servicing, collections through final payoff

Loan products include:

  • Business Line of Credit
    • Revolving line of credit, home equity line of credit, overdrafts and consolidated reporting
    • Term loans for debt consolidation, equipment purchase, vehicle financing;
    • Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans
  • Specialized Lending
    • Asset-based lending, commercial term lending (multifamily and Commercial mortgages), equipment leasing

Employee Benefit functions

Small business support functions include health savings account, payroll services, private banking and wealth management/ investment advisory and insurance and benefit management

Capital Markets

We can also assist in research, reconciliations and processing transactions in

  • Structured finance
  • Syndicated finance
  • Foreign exchange
  • Interest rate management
  • Commodities
  • Fixed income sales and trading

International Services

Given our presence in multiple financial services and 24 hour processing, international banking services is another area of support

  • International Corporate Banking
  • Cash Solutions
  • Global Trade Solutions for Importers/ Exporters

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