Payroll Processing

Incorporating a business; setting it up; building up strategies; penetrating the market; winning clients and earning profit, does your work end here?!! Certainly not.

There are many other processes which need to be undertaken and Payroll is one of them. Sounds to be a pretty small term but encompasses innumerable aspects!

Outsourcing your monthly payroll activities to a Payroll processing service company can always be a good idea.

It would be interesting to know as to why payroll is so vital for any organization:

It influences the revenues/income of the organization.

It also determines employee benefits and overhead costs.

Payroll facilitates to give an idea about the earnings that need to be targeted for upcoming years in order to survive in the market.

Along with the above recompenses, it also helps to build up goodwill and image among the employees and in the industry.

These are just few pointers but payroll comprises much more. So, when the process itself is so huge you should undoubtedly have a paved plan for the same. You must have separate manpower, resources and infrastructure for it.

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We are sure many of you must be struggling in setting up all of these! We at IBN are a specialized payroll processing service company and do realize that payroll is neither a small-scale task nor a one-time chore. For this you need constant recordings, assistance and diligent people at work. IBN understands well the payroll processing for small companies as well as large-scale companies. We also know that managing payroll with core business can be exhausting, expensive and complicated.

By contracting out your payroll worries to IBN, you will be able to reduce your costs of recruiting payroll-trained professionals. Businesses can curb the costs on equipping costly payroll softwares too. IBN’s high quality payroll services with steadfast team of payroll professionals give you ample of time to focus on your principal plans which in turn makes your organization more productive.

IBN is a payroll processing Service Company which provides payroll amenities to its customers in US and UK as a third party. Our pro teams in USA are associated with fabled CPA firms and in UK our teams are connoted with established Accounting firms to provide best services to its clients.

Amongst many payroll organization, IBN is one payroll processing service company which offers facilities at an economized rate; thereby lessening your monetary burden and budget. IBN’s payroll outsourcing services save you from unnecessary hassles of groundwork for payroll processes in your organization.

In other words, any payroll processing service company should facilitate in saving time and cost simultaneously and IBN does just that! It helps you in cutting off straight 30% cost on your current payroll operations. Isn’t that a wonderful money-making way!!

IBN being a payroll processing service company, gives simple and smooth solutions to your payroll issues. We always try keeping our flow of information easy and suave. Our services are affluent to handle and leave least scope of confusion. IBN’s payroll outsourcing services team have more than 15 years of experience with vivid industries; devoted majorly to:

Hourly Wages
Multiple Pay Rates
Cash Tips
Pay Check Tips
Expense Reimbursements

IBN as a payroll processing service company also renders high quality payroll services in the arenas of:

Voluntary deductions including taxable and pre-tax premiums for medical

Dental and retirement plans

Flexible spending accounts

Dependent and medical care

Cash advances

Loan repayments

Eager to know what we offer for the US market?!!…Following are the services:

Payroll Processing

Payroll Tax Compliance

Time & Attendance System maintenance

941s & 940s (Quarterly Federal Tax Return & Unemployment taxes)

W2 & W4 Reporting

And in UK market:

We do not miss out on delivering on PAYE to National Insurance, Statutory Payments SSP, SMP, SPP, Forms alongwith

P11, P14, P35, P45, P46

Statutory Payments SSP, SMP, SPP

Human Resources Management & Reporting

Time & Attendance Record Keeping

P11, P14, P35, P45 Part1, P45 Part2, P46, P60

If you are looking forward to give your payroll functions a professional touch and pondering over getting into a deal with a payroll processing service company, IBN can be a worthwhile choice for you.