IBN offers comprehensive customized services specifically defined for the Retail Industry. Given the critical pointers of increasing cost and competitive pressures, IBN lays out the extensive framework of Retail functionality covering of multiple channel distribution.

Procedure-to-Pay (P2P), Order-to-Cash (O2C), Record-to-Report (R2R) the general accounting has grown to end-to-end scope definition of the industry alignment further segmented into sub-verticals.

Competitive pressures of the larger eco system has propagated the ideal industry specific solutions well fitted as per client’s requirements.

Large Retail chain outlets have measurable inventory management systems, logistics as well as receivables. Many organizations are shifting to an E-Commerce Module to make their services and products available at a click. To help company’s reach their clients quickly, a sustainable back office solution covering all dimensions becomes an imminent existential need of an organization.

It’s more than Automation

Shifting from manual to automated systems, will gear clarity in operations. Each sector will get individual specification, as well individual attention.

Getting Visibility

With systemised operations, the availability of liquid capital will be vast and diverse which can be employed in achieving marketing objectives.

Time Efficiency

Your time will be spent focusing on your core competence rather than on back office operations.

Cost Efficiency

With considerable balance and customer engagement through Back office operations, company need not worry about losing an elemental customer.

Opportunity for Smaller Units

Most company’s branch out into smaller units to run independently at distance locations. Tracking, monitoring as well as maintaining these units becomes possible once a company chooses to empower its self with sustainable back office operations.

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