IBN’s Virtual CFO Services are designed to assist their US based clients with professional committed expertise in the respective domain. At IBN we are intent to provide customer based services.

  • Cost Analysis
  • Expenditure Budgeting for Company
  • Accounting & Financial Control Service

Our Virtual CFO services model allows clients to control their requirements, when needed during key periods and then scale back this service during non-peak periods.

Benefits with IBN’s Virtual CFO

  • IBN Virtual CFO services make client focus on core business activities & acquiring new customers for their businesses.
  • Provide better understanding about the financial aspect of your business with more domination over the cash flow.
  • Increase in work transparency which clarifies the futures business goals.
  • Improve the quality and timeliness of the financial information.
  • Preparation of the budget and supervision at regular time interval.
  • Improved tax monitoring to ensure funds are set aside for taxes, quarterly payments are made, and there are no surprises at tax time.

IBN Virtual CFO Services

Financial Advice: The Virtual CFO Services in USA team provides advice on best practices to the clients, as and when required.

Transaction and Advisory: The IPO advisory supports, Merger & Acquisition advisory supports, Right exit strategy over leaving the business.

Compliance: IBN’s Virtual CFO Services in USA includes taxation which manages all the tax related activities on a timely basis. The secretarial handles all the agreements and the statutory reports provide the financial reports to the Board of Directors.

Strategic Planning: The corporate planning decides on the best form of legal entity structure. Virtual Chief Finance Officer also includes the process of budgeting and forecasts, which creates the budget and carries out the market analysis.

Invsestor Relation: We know the importance of investors in today’s competitive market and keeping in mind their interest, we provide management reports and give projections about future growth.

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