Fund of Funds services:

IBN Technologies, a leading outsourcing service provider in IT & Financial Services domain. with more than 15 years of experience in global business is providing middle and back office services to hedge fund managers of all business sizes.

IBN Technologies Guarantees Reduced Operational Costs by Retaining Accuracy for Hedge Fund Accounting BPO Services.

Since strict regulations on hedge funds are introduced due to the financial crisis, reshaping of funds in industries such as CTA’s, Fund of Hedge Fund, Venture Capital & Family Offices, and Private Equity became necessary, which increased the operational costs of the hedge fund managers. Most hedge fund managers are depending on vendors who provide hedge fund services to reduce the operational costs of their company. IBN Provides fund services to these funds so they can focus more on their core activities at micro level. IBN technologies helped hedge fund managers to come out of this situation by reducing the operational costs, yet retains the accuracy of various Fund Middle & Back Office Operations. Maintaining the accuracy of fund operations helped the managers to adapt easily to the changing regulations. The middle or back office services provided by IBN technologies enabled the hedge fund managers to decrease the risks associated with hedge funds without cutting the capital investment.

IBN, focused in providing all functional services related to hedge funds, venture capital, private equity, and other such financial services. IBN Technologies provides performance tracking, reporting and analysis of hedge fund, fund of hedge fund and family offices. NAV calculation for hedge fund and CTA offered by IBN allows you to determine the current or changing value of the funds on a Fund Middle & Back Office Operations. The financial services for hedge fund, fund of hedge fund and family offices also include services such as MS Excel spreadsheet automation, development of Quantitative & Risk tools, Exposure Tracking, Data Validation & Reconciliation services, Fund Administration services, Systematic Filing & Documentation of Fund Reports, and Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis.

About IBN Technologies

IBN has ISO 9001:2008 Certified Processes for Quality & ISO 27001: 2013 Certified for Information Security Management with hands-on experience in online business, travel, retail chains, and BFSI. IBN has a global presence with customers spread across 10 countries.

IBN is an experience service provider who provides middle and back office services for Hedge Fund (BPO), Fund of Hedge Funds and Family Offices. The global delivery center of IBN Technologies is situated in Pune, India.

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