Finance and Accounting services:

IBN Technologies, leader in finance and accounting services domain offers businesses easy access to accounting professionals and seasoned bookkeepers without hiring them.

IBN Technologies Integrates Best Methodologies and Practices with Finance and Accounting Services to Manage Finance Functions of Businesses.

Organizations are hunting down powerful and viable back and bookkeeping administrations from a solid supplier to decrease operational expenses and match the profitability of the contenders.

Fund of Funds services:

IBN Technologies, a leading outsourcing service provider in IT & Financial Services domain. with more than 15 years of experience in global business is providing middle and back office services to hedge fund managers of all business sizes.

IBN Technologies Guarantees Reduced Operational Costs by Retaining Accuracy for Hedge Fund Accounting BPO Services.

Since strict regulations on hedge funds are introduced due to the financial crisis, reshaping of funds in industries such as CTA’s, Fund of Hedge Fund, Venture Capital & Family Offices, and Private Equity became necessary, which increased the operational costs of the hedge fund managers.